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At America’s Memories all autographs are checked and authenticated by a third part examiner. Every autograph America’s Memories sells has been examined and authenticated by a Board Certified and Court Approved Forensic Handwriting Examiner. America’s Memories does not believe in issuing its own certificates of authenticity because independent experts can offer an unbiased opinion.

I further do not believe that the Johnny-come-lately so-called authentication companies have the expertise to offer a valued opinion. Most of the people offering opinions have not been trained in the art of forensic science and their opinions will never hold up in a court of law. Therefore, their opinions have little credibility and are usually proven inaccurate.

 And, now America’s Memories sells exclusively on line at A relationship we are very proud of and will insure that all Amazon’s customers are completely satisfied with their purchases.

America’s Memories is unique, in that, it is one of the few autograph dealers that cover the entire spectrum of autograph collecting. America’s Memories specializes in vintage and hard-to-find autographs in the entertainment, sports, historical and presidential fields. Whether a collector's fancy runs toward signed photos, cuts, letters or documents, America’s Memories is a one-stop shop for the ardent collector.

To become even more unique, all of America’s Memories autographs are sold with museum matting and framing at no additional cost to the collector or retailer. I believe that outstanding presentation and display is a must to convey the character of the autograph being collected. A Thomas A. Edison or Carlo Gambino check is lifeless unless it is displayed with a photo history of the individual.


In 1984 I developed my passion for collecting autographs led me to form America’s Memories. I have been a lifelong collector. I began collecting baseball cards. By the early 1970’s I became fascinated with bobbin’ head figurines and autographs. My collection of vintage sports and non-sports bobbin head dolls numbers over 1200 pieces and the autograph collection almost too large to catalog

Forming America’s Memories allowed me to continue collecting and upgrading while having the chance to share vintage autographs with other collectors. Currently, America’s Memories sells wholesale to some of the finest autograph retailers in the U. S., Canada and Australia as well as discriminating collectors worldwide.



Specializing in distinctive autographs of stars, history and sports.

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