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Frequently Asked Questions
about authentic forensically approved autographs

Contact us if you have any questions.
All informative questions will be answered and posted.

  • How do I know the autographs are real?
    We use only forensic handwriting examiners that are educated and trained in handwriting analysis. They are scientists that use proven scientific methods to determine if a signature is real or fake. That includes measurements and dips and doodles consistent with everybody’s distinct handwriting style.
  • Why don’t you use PSA/DNA, JSA or Beckett to certify your autographs?"
    None of those companies employ trained handwriting examiners. They employ ex baseball card dealers or auction house owners to examiners the autographs. None of their examinations have utilized scientific methods to determine the validity of a signature. They are guessing at best because they are self educated. Their certificates will not hold up in the court of law in case of a dispute. They have built their reputations with money.
  • What happens if a person or company says the autograph is not good?
    Get them to put it in writing! Talk is cheap and they can always say they did not say it. Once it is in writing we will defend at our expense a hearing with our examiner under oath to determine the methods and comparisons used to verify its authenticity. In all cases, they will not be able to testify because they are not court qualified according to the Supreme Court.
  • Why do most auction houses and dealers use the non-forensic examiners to certify their autographs?
    That is an excellent question and it can only be answered by the companies involved. Most board certified and court approved forensic handwriting examiners are tied up doing work for police departments, lawyers and state and federal agencies. They are expensive and very busy. So it ‘might’ be easier to get signatures approved with non-forensic examiners. But remember none of those examinations will hold up in a court of law.
  • You are selling autographs that are framed. Are the materials you use safe long term?
    There are two major reasons autographs will deteriorate over time: acid and sunlight. We take every precaution to use only acid free materials in our framing process elimination one of the problems. We also use a coated plexi-glass that has superior light refracting qualities than ordinary glass. However, one must always take precautions not to hang autographs in sunlight or very bright locations. Inks and pencils can fade over time if not properly cared for.
  • The internet is very much against forensic examiners, why?"
    The internet can be a very useful place for information and research; it can also be a place for much misinformation and irrational opinions that are not based on fact. Posting opinions does not require proof of the opinion. Posting opinions can be made under assumed names and to benefit friends and allies. If board certified and court approved forensic examiners were not valid then why would they be doing work for police departments, lawyers, state and federal governments. Sorry all those anti forensic postings are just sour grapes for many self serving reasons. Forensic handwriting examiners are the real deal.
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