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Davy Crockett autograph

Davy Crockett autograph


Davy Crockett's schooling amount to 100 days of tutoring with a neighbour. Successive move west to middlle Tennessee brought him close to the area of the Creek War, in which he made a name for himself from 1813 to 1815. In 1821, he was elected to the Tennessee Legislature. He was called "gentleman fro the cane," an allusion to the dense canbrakes of western Tennessee, where Davy hunted bears and raccoons during the winter.

Following a seond term in the legislature in 1823, Crockett ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. He lost in 1825, won in 1827 and 1829, lost in 1831, barley won in 1833, and suffered his final defeat in 1835, owing to the concentrated opposition of the party of Andrew Jackson. He then headed west to Texas, joined the Texan forces, and died along with the entire garrison of the Alamo when it was overrun by a Mexican army under General Sana Anna on March 6, 1836.

His autograph is on an old historical document and double matted with an artist rendition of the frontiersman, frame to 11x14 and ready to hang. Extremely rare signature. The autograph has been certified authentic by a board-certified and court-approved forensic document examiner that worked wit the secret service on classified documents and is guaranteed for life.

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